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Cloud based Editing & Post-Production

The single biggest barrier to the production of your own in-house video is the process of editing. While editing may not be a complex process, it is always a time-consuming as your footage will a need to be reviewed in real-time, to enable evaluation of suitable content in order to create the finished video.

The combination of our file transfer process and our comprehensive editing support will provide you with a unique service to enable you to create and deliver your own high-quality video production, with complete peace of mind and at cost effective budgets. Time is an all important consideration and the creation of your video should not take much more time than the process of briefing an external video production company.

We have created a unique cloud based editing service, led by Australian broadcast editor, Dion Johnson. His international team provide the most cost-effective, time efficient editing facility you can find in the market today. After receiving your video files onto our secure server, one of Dion’s team will then have a telephone conversation and communicate with you to discuss the editing brief and your objectives for the final production.

At this stage, we will evaluate the amount of footage that is required to be edited and the timing of the final edit that you require including any discussions related to your branding, motion graphics intros or outros, sound design (which may be a simple as using some royalty free background music which we can provide at no cost to you). From this discussion, we can provide you with a highly competitive quotation for the edit and final production of your project. Prices can range from as little as £75 upwards.

You will see from the approach we take that our service is a combination of unique support services facilitating you in creating in your own high-quality commercial video production.

Your Brand Guidelines in Library

As well as providing you with a secure cloud server to place your content, enabling fast removal of files from your smartphone, we can also retain your digital brand guidelines ensuring that any motion graphics and styling issues are taken into account by our editors during the production process

Personal Video Productions

One of the unique concepts that we also bring to market is the idea of producing a personalised video, targeted to an specific company or individual that you have recently met. This is the same principle as marketers have taken for many years in personalised digital print format, but now made available to you by SMARTPhone Productions in video content.

Imagine being able to follow up a series of meetings at a trade show with an introduction to your video that personally mentions the name and thanks the potential client that you met for taking the time to visit your stand and giving them a reminder of what you discussed. Combine a personalised intro and outro with two minutes of generic content that outlines your core products and services and you have a personalised video production targeted at an individual. This makes for a very powerful marketing tool.