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Video File Transfer

A particularly important area of support in mobile device video production is the management of the large video files that are created and then stored on your smartphone or tablet. This alone can be enough to dissuade an individual from producing their own videos in-house, as unlike photographs, video footage will inevitably take up a considerable amount of your device’s storage space. If video files are not managed in a controlled way, then after a short period of time, the memory on your mobile device will become full and you will be faced with the question of which files to delete and backup to ensure the ongoing operation of your mobile device. We will insure that you can have complete peace of mind in this area.

We do this through the delivery of the following key services:

SMARTfile Management App – FTP File Transfer App with Secure Login

An easy, quick and effective method of file transfer is the SMARTphone Media Groups’ FTP file transfer app. (SMARTfile Management led by developer Thomas Rogers). Tom and his team have developed a custom written app that integrates with your phones camera enabling, at a simple press of a button, the data transfer of these files to our secure cloud server so that we can then support you with the required editing to complete your production.

We liaise with your IT team regarding your companies data security policies and where required we will custom program the App to transfer files to your own internal servers. The SMARTfile Management App creates a logical file hierarchy across users within your business and results in you creating a complete video archive. For many of our clients this will be the first time they have formally archived video content. We can provide your archived video content back to you for internal management at any point.

The licence fee for this App is retrospectively discounted from our edit charges.

Hardware Device Backups

Even with the support of our file transfer app, there are times when either your data or wireless connection cannot provide you with the speed of upload to efficiently transfer your video files. To accommodate this, we provide hardware devices that you simply plug-in through a mini USB, Lightning, or suitable connection to enable you to download your video files so then they can be deleted from the hard drive of your smartphone or tablet. These files can then be transferred to us by FTP or simply via the post office