Revolutionise the way you inform and engage your frontline teams

Revolutionise the way you inform and engage your frontline teams

Transforming operational, safety and customer experience communications across your mobile workforce

SMARTbrief is a single source point for your operational, safety and compliance guidance to be broadcast to all mobile platforms, ensuring colleagues only get the information they need for their own job, when they need it

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SMARTbrief uses

…a wide range of typical uses

– Operations and Safety Briefings
– Refresher learning and lessons learned
– Site and HR Inductions
– Toolbox Talks and Work instructions
– ‘Deep search’ for access to risk points
– Compliance and auditing…and much more

Content creation

Easily create video and podcasts in-house

We will show you how to create high-quality videos and podcasts in-house, with your Smartphone or iPad. We can help support your production, saving you time and money with complete peace of mind. Or if you need a more complex production, we have all the video and audio production skills here to support you.

Verify Knowledge

Idendify and rectify knowledge gaps

SMARTbrief incorporates a range of knowledge confirmation tools to enable both compliance and identification of knowledge gaps across your front-line teams. Power BI reporting then graphically presents this information, to enable quick and effective rectification.

Traditionally, businesses have been providing operational briefings at pre-planned, face to face events. Not only are these logistically difficult to organise, but with the need to take teams off site, they are also extremely costly to the business. With the current pandemic this challenge has never been more relevant.

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There are many online platforms for briefing and learning content to be broadcast, such as the company’s intranet, YouTube or Vimeo under password protection.

However, intranets are notoriously ‘noisy’ platforms, usually packed with content from all departments competing for message priority. All these options in themselves create a dilution of message and very rarely is a message able to come across as ‘critically important’ when broadcast on these platforms.

Key uses
Broadcast briefing and compliance documents and video to the mobile workforce
Video Briefing and Guidance
Document Control System for compliance confirmation
Searchable route learning enabling immediate risk point access
Alerting teams and getting feedback
Single source of user led operational information
Engaging the mobile workforce
m-learning refresher updates
Validating knowledge and a record of understanding
A searchable operational knowledgebase
Operational FAQs – focused for each user
Fault guidance and advice
Creation of low cost content in house
Key benefits
Sharing knowledge across departments saving duplication of effort
Video Briefing and Guidance
Ensure teams only get the information they need, when they need it
Meeting compliance requirements
Supporting your blended learning strategy
Building stronger relationships across your business
Empowering mobile teams to communicate and create content
Single source point for important operational information
Enabling teams to learn at times convenient to them
Simple Q and As and surveys
Saving time and money replacing some face to face briefings
Single Sign On ( SSO) option for quick and easy access
Creating briefing and learning content in house from smartphones
Cross platform across IOS and Android, phone tablets and desktop.
Ultimate flexibility in communicating with your mobile workforce
Desktop management interface delivering knowledge confirmation and compliance