Client Use Cases

We have a wide range of clients that have trusted us for years to deliver robust and effective communications support. The comments below are just a few recent statements made by our clients.

MTR Elizabeth Line

Adopting both the SMARTbrief App and full range of production support services. Paul Groves, Driver Operations Director, commented 

“The range of content we will be broadcasting via our SMARTbrief Channel is very extensive. We have a large team of drivers and just 2 simulators; the system enables us to broadcast quick and easy to digest refresher learning content which plays a very useful role in reminding drivers of issues such as CBTC transitions, emergency brake release timing issues and passing signals with authority for example. Also, the production support programme SMARTbrief provide enables us to create video content ourselves with smartphones! We have been amazed at the quality we can achieve with just a few quite low cost items such as tripods and microphones. It’s a great combination of simplicity in delivery of the communications, combined with complex technology that seems to be getting cleverer every day. It will also be interesting to see how SMARTbrief helps protect our corporate memory in an operational context as times moves on.”

Paul Groves, Driver Operations Director – MTREL

GB Railfreight

Utilising both the SMARTbrief App and full production support services. Their latest Spring- Summer safety critical briefings attained a 99% pass rate on the knowledge confirmation Q and A. They are also about to start using the system for contractor and site inductions. 

Head of Safety, Stuart Anderson commented “This tool is transforming the way we deliver and verify our seasonal safety briefings to drivers located all over the UK. It’s not intended to totally replace face to face events, but its proving a very solid support to the activity. Another interesting by product of SMARTbrief is that we are finding that its becoming a two-way platform for operational feedback from colleagues as well. When we broadcast content we always encourage feedback and we have been really pleased with how much useful feedback we have had from drivers. With the new Q and A module now in place, drivers achieved a 99% pass rate in the latest Spring Summer safety briefing so we are totally confident that this is the way to go in future ”.

Stuart Anderson – Head of Safety

First Group PLC

SMARTbrief production support used to train teams to produce briefing content in house. 

‘SMARTbrief production support has enabled us to produce safety and operational videos in house with our smartphones, providing us with the ability and flexibility to respond in a timely and low-cost way to deliver our safety messages. Being able to readily include our colleagues in the videos creates a personal connection with its messages. SMARTbrief training has provided us with the basics on equipment, light and sound to be able to produce good quality, fit for purpose videos. We are now moving to the next step to implement edit training for both our internal communications team and safety team so we can edit our own materials in house, with the knowledge that we have professional support when we need it’.

Joan Hyland – Group Safety Programme Manager – FirstGroup plc

East Coast Development Partnership

“The East Coast Digital Programme requires the most flexible and adaptable learning systems to support the ever changing technical developments when introducing new signalling on one of the UK’s busiest main lines.

We are creating highly interactive content from simulators and using the latest 3D animation techniques to create blended and M-learning for a range of content and it makes perfect sense to adopt the SMARTbrief App to deliver this easy to digest learning content across all mobile devices. There isn’t one single platform that delivers the scope of requirements to share information and learning across the programme, but SMARTbrief is one of a mix of tools to ensure we can deliver content quickly to all mobile devices.

While the interface itself is easy to use, the management system behind this enables us to co-ordinate content across a the wide range of partners within the programme, ensuring that colleagues only see the information that is relevant to them and their roles within the programme. No more information or email overload.

Having worked with the team at Junction 9 Network for more than 25 years, we know what to expect in terms of speedy support service and this is also is critical when delivering complex communications programmes across diverse user groups. It’s also interesting to see the continual developments taking place and we can have peace of mind that their technical roadmap is set to meet our future needs within the ECDP”

Paul Durrant – Managing Director – Rail Professional Development

Tenet Group

“SMARTbrief’s expertise and support over the last year has enabled us to successfully launch video training here at Tenet. This gives us the opportunity to engage with members and utilise another training method outside of inductions to share valuable information or deliver training. Jono has spent time with every member of our team to support us in developing our filming and editing skills. He has taught us the importance of creating the right angles and lighting to achieve the best shots.

Jono is very passionate about what he does, has been very flexible and continues to support us as we build on our new skills. Jono is helpful on any subject that you might want to discuss, he quickly appreciates the needs of your business and starts focussing on what needs to be done very quickly.  He is very hands on but also empowers you to start having a go as soon as you’ve mastered the basics so that you have a tangible output to work with.  His patience, professionalism and enthusiasm all make him a great person to work with”

Thank you so much for all your support and everything you have taught us to date!”

Sara DonaldsonTraining and Development Team – Tenet Group

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