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Improve communications with your mobile workforce.
Saving time and money while improving safety and performance

Why SMARTbrief?

We are all bombarded with information both from a personal and business perspective and
we need to create channels for delivery of important business guidance and information where users can easily identify the importance of the messages being delivered. At SMARTbrief we are utilising much of the intelligent functionality that consumer broadcasters have spent years and fortunes developing. We are now customising suitable aspects of this technology to enable unmatched levels of viewer engagement.

Key technical features

Secure viewing on all platforms via the SMARTbrief App
Viewing statistics and knowledge verification
Easy access document control system
SMARTminds Q & A to confirm understanding
App notifications, text and email alert system incorporated
User, groups, libraries for fully customisable distribution criteria
Improved engagement and feedback mechanisms
SMARTsearch functionality, building search criteria into every part of the video timeline
Management data exportable to your CMS
Latest and future development in AI for document and video management
Option of up to 60 languages as subtitles with auto translate
Single Sign On (SSO) functionality

Launch Support and Road Mapping

The nature of adopting SMARTbrief is expressing your commitment to fully engage with your mobile teams. It’s important at the launch stage that we manage both your expectations and the mobile teams expectations as to what and why you are adopting the SMARTbrief system.

Our team will support you in creating a launch strategy and all the physical materials and tools to get the best out of the system at launch and ongoingly assisting with implementation of a road map for future use across the different teams using the system. We also deliver personal demos and support to all content authors and administrators to ensure that the roll out is planned and successful.

Why not put us to the test?

If you are interested in fully evaluating and testing our solution please contact us and we will set up a free evaluation account.

The process is straightforward; We register between 10 – 25 of your colleagues on the system and create user groups and content libraries containing suitable content for your business to enable you to fully assess the benefits of the system.

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